Pan-Canadian Virtual Action Weeks – Third COVID & Cancer Survey: List of meetings

Since the release of the results of CCSN’s third survey on cancer and COVID-19, we have been meeting with elected officials and health agency staff from provincial governments across Canada in a series of Pan-Canadian Virtual Action Weeks, to share the survey results and advocate on behalf of cancer patients, caregivers, and pre-diagnosis patients. In some of these meetings, a cancer patient or caregiver joined us as an advocate. Here is the full list of people we have met with:

British Columbia

  • MLA Rick Glumac (NDP)
  • MLA Andrew Mercier (NDP)
  • MLA Kelli Paddon (NDP)
  • MLA Pam Alexis (NDP)
  • MLA Dan Coulter (NDP)
  • MLA Fin Donnelly (NDP)
  • MLA Aman Singh (NDP)
  • MLA Niki Sharma (NDP)


  • MLA David Shepherd, Health Critic (NDP), with Tim Monds
  • MLA Lori Sigurdson, Critic for Seniors and Housing (NDP), with Dave Nitsche
  • Mckenzie Kibler, Policy Advisor Health Minister’s Office (CON), with Loverne Wowk
  • MLA Nathan Neudorf (CON)
  • MLA Richard Gotfried (CON)
  • MLA Shane Getson (CON)
  • MLA Roger Reid (CON)
  • MLA Dan Williams (CON)
  • MLA Tracy Allard (CON)
  • MLA Jeremy Nixon (CON)
  • MLA Searle Turton (CON)
  • MLA RJ Sigurdsen (CON)
  • MLA Garth Rowswel (CON)
  • MLA Jackie Lovely (CON)
  • MLA Jackie Armstrong-Homeniuk (CON)
  • MLA Peter Guthrie (CON)
  • MLA Grant Hunte (CON)


  • MLA Ken Cheveldayoff (CON)
  • MLA Ryan Domotor (CON)
  • MLA Derek Meyers (CON)
  • MLA Hugh Nerlien (CON)
  • MLA Alana Ross (CON)


  • MLA Dr. Jon Gerrard (LIB)
  • MLA Uzoma Asagwara (NDP)
  • MLA Ron Schuler, Minister of Infrastructure (CON)


  • MPP Daisy Wai, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Seniors and Accessibility (CON), with Deborah Peniuk
  • Lauren Crossing & Megan Skinner, Staff – Ministry of Health (CON), with Deborah Peniuk
  • MPP Joel Harden, Accessibility Critic (NDP), with Andrea Redway
  • MPP Peggy Sattler, Opposition House Leader (NDP), with Andrea Redway
  • MPP France Gélinas, Health Critic (NDP), with MaryAnn Bradley
  • MPP Michael Gravelle (LIB), with MaryAnn Bradley
  • MPP Michael Mantha, Deputy Opp. Whip (NDP)
  • Bianca Bell, Chief Of Staff at Office of MPP Mike Schreiner (GRN)
  • MPP Robin Martin, Parliamentary Assistant to the Minister of Health (CON), with Andrea Redway
  • MPP Andrea Horwath, Official Opposition Leader (NDP), with Deborah Peniuk
  • MPP Bill Walker (CON), with Andrea Redway
  • MPP Lorne Coe, Chief Government Whip (CON), with Andrea Redway
  • MPP Marilee Fullerton, Minister of Children, Community and Social Service (CON), with Andrea Redway

Atlantic Canada

  • Steven Kent, Newfoundland and Labrador, Researcher, NL NDP Caucus (NDP), with Jennifer Roy
  • MLA Elizabeth Smith-McCrossin, Nova Scotia (IND), with Jennifer Roy
  • MHA Paul Dinn, Newfoundland and Labrador (CON), with Jennifer Roy
  • MLA Michelle Beaton, Prince Edward Island (GRN), with Jennifer Roy
  • MLA Susan Leblanc, Nova Scotia, Caucus Chair (NDP), with Jennifer Roy

If you are a cancer patient, survivor, or caregiver who has experienced delays in appointments, procedures, or surgeries during the pandemic, and you would be interested participating in virtual meetings with politicians to share how these delays have affected you or the person you care for, please email Conrad at