CCSN Surveys on COVID-19 and Cancer

CCSN commissioned Leger to conduct four surveys of Canadian cancer patients, caregivers, and pre-diagnosis patients to find out the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on their lives and their access to cancer care. For each survey, you will find below:

  • The media release
  • The link to the webinar presenting the survey results
  • The presentation slides from the webinar
  • A more detailed version of the slides, with extended tables of statistics

Fourth Survey — April–May 2022

Third Survey — June–July 2021

Second Survey — December 2020

First Survey — May–June 2020

Report on CCSN’s First Three Surveys

Thrown Under the Bus! Disruption of cancer care in Canada during the COVID-19 pandemic

CCSN has published a report on the results of its first three surveys of cancer patients, caregivers, and pre-diagnosis patients in Canada, showing how the COVID-19 pandemic has affected their access to cancer care and their physical and mental well-being. Read the report!

The report is also available in French.