Cancer Can’t Wait: Covid-19 Disruption of Cancer Care

Cancer Can’t Wait: An open letter to all Canadian Government and and healthcare decision-makers.

Half of all Canadians will become cancer patients. We need a plan for their care during the next national crisis.

The letter below appeared in The Globe and Mail and Le Devoir on February 4, 2021 for World Cancer Day. We welcome responses at



CCSN’s Virtual Advocacy Week (VAW) in Ontario
Jackie Manthorne, President & CEO, CCSN

We all agree that cancer can’t wait – it can’t be cancelled or postponed. And yet, COVID-19 has forced significant delays and cancellations of cancer care, triggering another public health crisis in our country. CCSN believes that all provinces and territories – including Ontario – must ensure that the sustained provision of essential cancer care is included in any crisis or pandemic planning.