Cancer Can’t Wait: Covid-19 Disruption of Cancer Care

Cancer Can’t Wait: An open letter to all Canadian Government and healthcare decision-makers.

Half of all Canadians will become cancer patients. We need a plan for their care during the next national crisis.

Below is the news release of our Cancer Can’t Wait: Survey on wave 3 reveals COVID-19 continues to disrupt cancer care across Canada that came out on August 26th, 2021.



CCSN’s Virtual Advocacy Week (VAW) in Ontario
Jackie Manthorne, President & CEO, CCSN

We all agree that cancer can’t wait – it can’t be cancelled or postponed. And yet, COVID-19 has forced significant delays and cancellations of cancer care, triggering another public health crisis in our country. CCSN believes that all provinces and territories – including Ontario – must ensure that the sustained provision of essential cancer care is included in any crisis or pandemic planning.