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Below you will find a list of upcoming CCSN webinars, along with further information and registration links where applicable.
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October 2020:

  • October 28: The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to a Healing Diet

    Following a Healing Diet is among the most powerful ways remarkable cancer survivors maximize their chances of healing and recovery.  Oncologist Rob Rutledge provides an overview of the components of a Healing Diet and addresses many of the issues people have about this controversial topic.

  • October 29: Listening and Learning: EMPaCT – exploring ways to partner with those who are seldom heard

    Join Alies, a patient partner, and Ambreen, a patient-oriented researcher, as they explore ways to listen and learn from seldom heard patient populations. Both speakers share their experiences in the world of patient engagement, discuss the need to include patient-identified priorities in the delivery of healthcare and reflect on the current structure of patient partnerships which can be exclusionary. As a way forward, Alies and Ambreen introduce Equity-Mobilizing Partnerships in Community (EMPaCT) as an approach which strives to centre diverse patient voices, create a culture of listening and learning from the experiences of patient partners and develop a learning healthcare system ecosystem which is responsive to the needs of all patients in order to improve health outcomes, in particular health equity.

  • November 12: The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to a Healthy Relationship with Stress

    How can you work with stress in a way that empowers you and nurtures your body’s natural capacity to heal? Oncologist Rob Rutledge offers a multi-level teaching seminar full of practical ways to transform and reframe stress based on the latest of brain science and proven healing techniques.

  • November 25: The Remarkable Cancer Survivor’s Guide to Transforming Emotional Energy for Healing

    Releasing suppressed emotions and increasing positive emotions are two of the ways remarkable cancer survivors facilitate their own healing. Join Psychotherapist Timothy Walker, PhD, and Oncologist Rob Rutledge as they overview this little-discussed topic and outline ways people can do this deeper work to promote health and happiness.


  • November 19: How to hold and effective Meeting with you MP or Provincial Representative with Ryan Clarke, Founder of Advocacy Solutions.


  • December 9: Nurturing a Spiritual Perspective

    In this webinar, Dr. Rutledge will be joined by Rev. David Maginley (Hospital Chaplain, cancer survivor, and author) and offer ways of tapping into the most mysterious and healing part of our humanness. They will discuss near-death and end-of-death life experiences and other aspects of positive spirituality. This presentation will be inclusive of people from all spiritual orientations including those who consider themselves atheists.