2022 Webinar Series

The CCSN webinar series is of interest to patients, survivors, family, friends, caregivers, and any member of the community interested in the best possible care and follow-up for cancer patients and survivors.  The impact of volunteering and taking positive action to effect change are important elements in the transition to post-treatment life.

Anal & Colorectal Cancer: An Information Webinar

Date: March 31, 2022

Presented by: Helene Hutchings

In this webinar:

CCSN welcomes back Helene Hutchings to discuss anal and colorectal cancer in this educational webinar. Helene will be discussing the symptoms & risk factors of these cancers, as well as treatment options that are available. She will also discuss prevention of anal and colorectal cancers and the benefits of peer-to-peer support groups.

There will be a Q&A session following the webinar.

About the presenter:

Helene Hutchings is the Founder/CEO of Anal Cancer-A Bum Rap as well as a member of IANS (International Anal Neoplasia Society). Helene’s advocacy work extends beyond Canada as she is an international advocate for Anal Cancer Awareness, Pelvic Radiation Disease Awareness, particularly as it relates to sexual function. More locally, she is continually advocating for AIN (Anal Intraepithelial Neoplasia) screening in Ottawa, Canada, the city where she lives. Helene is also a cancer survivor, having been discharged from the care of her Colorectal Surgeon in October 2013 and Radiation Oncologist in Sept 2014.


Watch the video:

CCSN’s Cancer Can’t Wait: Self-Advocacy in the Time of COVID-19

Facilitated by: David Klug, CCSN’s Public Affairs Consultant

In this webinar:

2 years after the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, half of cancer patients across Canada still report their cancer care appointments are cancelled, postponed, or rescheduled.

Throughout the pandemic, CCSN has been meeting virtually with elected officials from across the country – provincial and federal – to discuss our COVID-19 and Cancer Care Disruption Survey. Our survey confirmed that measures in place to deal with the COVID-19 pandemic have continued to negatively impact cancer patients and pre-diagnosis patients’ ability to access cancer care services. In our meetings, we explored some of the key findings of our survey, shared stories from cancer patients, and discussed the need to ensure that access to cancer care remain a priority during and beyond this wave of COVID-19 and any subsequent pandemics.

In this last webinar, of our 3 part series, our focus will turn from survey results and sharing highlights from meetings with elected officials to telling the stories of the advocates. It’s important to know the facts and figures; it’s equally, if not more, important to hear the stories of those who have actively fought back, and been the primary advocate for themselves. We will have 4 advocates join us to tell their stories: Dianne Colton, Shannon Gall, Angus Pratt & Jennifer Roy. Afterwards, David Klug, will facilitate a Q&A session with our panel of advocates.



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