Alberta Election 2023

These are the questions we posed to candidates running in the 2023 Alberta Provincial Election. For the responses, scroll below

If elected, will your government:

a) Create a permanent lung cancer screening program that covers the entire province?
b) Provide access in this program for at risk individuals who do not currently or have never smoked, specifically those who have incidental pulmonary nodules?
c) Add radon to Alberta’s lung cancer screening program and make radon tests free of charge to Albertans worried about radon exposure?
d) Address the issue of long wait times and limited access to dedicated cancer-related care and services?
e) Address the underlying causes of these wait times, such as workforce shortages, funding shortages, and inadequate infrastructure?
f) Allow women to self-refer for a mammogram, starting at age 40?

Response from the United Conservative Party

Response from the Alberta NDP

Response from the Alberta Party

Response from the Alberta Liberal Party

Individual Responses

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