Ontario Election—Myeloma Patients and Families Can Help


Ontario Election—Myeloma Patients and Families Can Help
Ontarians Deserve Adequate Funding for Cancer Care
The campaign for the June 2, 2022, provincial election is underway and our myeloma community has an opportunity to inform the election candidates about our needs, and ask them how they will support us, if elected.
This is an opportunity for you to participate to further our cause and make myeloma matter in Ontario.
Ontario’s health system has been severely impacted by the pandemic; healthcare professionals and treatment facilities are stretched.
We need a strong and formal engagement to fight for increased support in cancer care to improve the quality and length of life for people living with cancer, such as myeloma.
Having candidates hear directly from patients is very powerful.
Advocating for change has never been simpler and will only take you a few seconds.
Help us bring funding to the level where people with cancer can find hope again.
Click on the button below, and with your name, email and postal code a letter will be automatically send to your candidates.
This advocacy campaign for patient engagement in the upcoming federal election is a collaboration between the members of the CONECTed group, Myeloma Canada, Save Your Skin Foundation (SYSF), Lymphoma Canada, Colorectal Cancer Canada, Team Finn, Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, Lung Cancer Canada, The Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia Society of Canada, Loeys-Dietz Canada and the Canadian Psioriasis Network. We will protect your privacy, and your information will not be collected or use for any other purposes.