Colleen McCauley – London West – Green

Thank you for reaching out to inform me about the CCSN, and advocating for Ontarians with cancer. I noted my answers in green to your questions in the attached document.

On a personal note, I lost a close uncle to lung cancer some years ago and know the lasting impact of that experience. Also, being a woman over 40, I know the importance of screening as a preventative measure and the challenges to getting equity in health care. A female friend of mine in her early 40s is currently battling breast cancer that returned, and her struggle with our healthcare system is at the forefront of my mind.

Ontario Greens know there’s a direct link between working conditions and quality of health care, including mental health. Our plan emphasises the connections we all share. It values the quality of life of all Ontarians. To help fix Ontario’s health care crisis, I encourage you to vote more Greens in.

Thank you again for advocating for yourself, and those with cancer.