Bhutila Karpoche – Parkdale-High Park – NDP


Thanks so much for writing to Bhutila Karpoche about such an important issue. A cancer diagnosis is a frightening prospect, one that more and more Ontario families are dealing with. Too many Ontarians are waiting for cancer surgery or forced to travel far from home to receive cancer treatment. Ontario’s health care system is broken. An Ontario New Democrat government will rebuild Ontario cancer care for the better.

As we outlined in response to your organization’s questionnaire, Bhutila and Ontario’s New Democrats recognize that there is not equitable access to cancer diagnostic and treatment services across the province.  That’s why our platform commits to providing cancer treatment closer to home. We’ll tackle the backlog head-on, improve care in and out of hospital, improve screening with a special focus on hard-to-reach communities, and partner with world-class institutions to deliver care closer to home. We’ll ensure communities have access to comprehensive cancer treatment close to where they live so no one has to travel a long way to get essential care such as radiation treatment. For example, we’ll immediately fund the building of a dedicated cancer care centre in Brampton.

Fixing cancer care has to be part of fixing our overall health system. The Ontario NDP has a practical, doable plan to rebuild and strengthen health care in Ontario. We’re committed to making investments in critical services. We’ll make sure health care workers get the pay they deserve and launch a campaign to recruit, retain and return nurses and other health care workers to our hospitals and public health units, including in underserved areas like rural and northern communities.

A New Democratic government looks forward to working with organizations like the Right2Survive Coalition to ensure people receive the right care at the right time close to home.

If you are interested in knowing more about how a New Democratic government will fix health care, you can find that here:

Bhutila Karpoche is a champion for public health care. An epidemiologist by training, she is a public health researcher and community organizer with deep roots here. As our MPP, Bhutila is a hardworking problem solver, has tabled more bills than any other MPP this term and has been voted Toronto’s Best MPP by Now Magazine readers 3 years in a row. She was named one of Toronto’s Most Inspirational Women of the year by TRNTO Magazine in 2019.

Determined, pragmatic, and hopeful, Bhutila is running for re-election because her work isn’t finished yet. She and the NDP have a plan for a more affordable, fairer, and greener Ontario. She is ready to play a leadership role in an NDP government in Ontario—a government that finally puts people first.

Thanks again for your advocacy.




Bhutila Karpoche for Parkdale—High Park