Carla Johnson – Cambridge – Green

Thank you so much for taking an active role in this election by sending me your letter.

You are right to be worried. I am worried too. That’s why I am running in this election.

Seven months ago I started knocking on people’s doors, trying to make people aware of what was happening in our province. My team and I continued through the very cold winter months, because I am so worried about the cutbacks and undermining of the many vital services in our community.

A cancer diagnosis is a nightmare and the Green Party of Ontario is fully committed to ensure our health care stays in public hands and is properly funded and supported.

Here is a small snippet of our Health Care plan.

• Support a publicly funded, publicly delivered healthcare system and oppose further privatisation of care

• Partner with the federal government to implement a universal dental care program.

• Partner with the federal government to implement a universal pharmacare program. As an interim measure, publicly fund takehome cancer and rare disease medications.

• Increase upstream investments in the social determinants of health, such as social isolation, housing insecurity, and poverty to prevent substantial, long-term healthcare costs and severe disease.

• Support and promote healthy behaviours to prevent disease and reduce risk factors such as poor nutrition and smoking. These early investments will lead to better long-term health outcomes and reduce stress on the system.

• Improve environmental determinants of health by prioritising clean air, clean water, and access to healthy local food in all communities.

 As a teacher with the WRDSB for 29 years, I saw cut-backs year after year after year. It was so frustrating to see important jobs that should be done by experts get steadily downloaded to classroom teachers. While Covid made it extremely challenging, the decisions of the sitting government made things even worse.

The same has happened to our health care and all of the safety net services that care for us when we are at our most vulnerable.

I joined the Green Party of Ontario (GPO) to do politics differently. To put people before power.  To be collaborative. Good ideas are good ideas, no matter where they come from. To respect the experts, the scientists and researchers who dedicate their extraordinary expertise to help us all. To work for the good of all Ontarians. To create a more equitable province where our most vulnerable are cared for and our earth, air and water are protected.

There is reason to hope. We can create a province we are proud to call home. A province that values its natural resources and embraces each person, leaving no one out.

I encourage you to visit to learn about the Ontario Green Party’s stance this election on 1. Connected Communities & Affordable Housing, 2. Comprehensive Health Care, including Mental Health Care, and 3. Climate Economy Solutions for a Sustainable Future.