New Democratic Party Candidate for Colchester North – Sean Foley

Our Question:

If elected, how will your government manage the backlog of screenings and surgeries, and ensure safe and timely access to cancer care so that patients across Nova Scotia can feel confident that their healthcare system will be there for them when they need it most?

Candidate Response:

The serious difficulties cancer patients face in getting timely treatment are generally caused by the same problems facing many Nova Scotians: the shortage of family doctors and specialists in this province and the extreme stress on the remaining providers leading to burnout and more retirements.

An NDP government will take the following steps to work toward addressing your concerns:

Retain doctors here with high job satisfaction by listening to what they need.

Provide alternative work models that doctors can freely choose, including collaborative emergency centres, community health centres, and collaborative practices. We will ensure they are better supported by allied professionals –physician assistants, nurse practitioners, and family practice nurses. 

Negotiate payment levels and systems respectfully to keep competitive with other jurisdictions.

Make telehealth a permanent option for patients who wish to access care in this manner.

Provide more support to community health centers to work with communities on primary care needs.

Consult with groups such as yours to hear the suggestions you can offer from personal experience as to the kinds of changes that would improve the situations of cancer survivors, ensuring safe and timely access to diagnostics, testing, and treatment.

In addition, the NSNDP is committed to improving access to same-day/next-day mental health care, which is crucial for cancer patients whose anxiety levels are particularly high in view of the delays currently being experienced.

Thank you for reaching out, and we look forward to working with you in the near future to make these essential changes.

Sean Foley

New Democratic Party Candidate for Colchester North