Green Party Candidate – Dartmouth East

Our Question:

If elected, how will your government manage the backlog of screenings and surgeries and ensure safe and timely access to cancer care so that patients across Nova Scotia can feel confident that their healthcare system will be there for them when they need it most?

Candidate Response:

Thank you so much for reaching out. This is a very important issue, as I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been touched personally or through a loved one by cancer. I lost my grandmother to cancer, and there are several cancer survivors in my family. I have spoken with some friends who have had difficulty receiving the life-saving care they need during this pandemic, as our healthcare system has been overtaxed, and it breaks my heart. I also know several colleagues who went into debt to pay for their cancer care, so I sympathize with your cause!

If elected, I plan to do everything I can to alleviate the crisis in essential cancer care. In collaboration with advocacy groups such as yourselves and healthcare workers, I would seek to implement solutions such as extending the hours of treatment outside regular operating hours (by recruiting additional healthcare workers, rather than taxing the workers who are already working) — this was a great solution when imaging was backed up before the pandemic.

This may mean increasing admissions to universities for healthcare programs, looking closely at licensure regulations, and promoting more interdisciplinary approaches, which are part of the Green Party platform. I am confident that with the right people at the table, we can develop a plan to improve healthcare for all Nova Scotians, including Cancer patients, and put an end to this crisis of care.

Thank you,

Sara Adams

Green Party Candidate for Dartmouth East