Atlantica Party Candidate for Digby-Annapolis – Tyler Ducharme

Our Question:

If elected, how will your government manage the backlog of screenings and surgeries, and ensure safe and timely access to cancer care so that patients across Nova Scotia can feel confident that their healthcare system will be there for them when they need it most?

Candidate Response:

What is needed in the province is to open up the health care system to more privately operated medical facilities to help relieve the pressure on the public system.  Many tests and other diagnostic processes do not need to be performed in hospitals and can be undertaken by professionals with a private practice. The government’s terrible response to Covid made our already poorly running healthcare system even worse.  Longer wait times are the norm and not the exception.

Bureaucracy is grinding the very essence of health care, to assist people to regain their health, to a halt. This situation unfortunately is going to get worse over the next few years due to the incompetence and overreaction of the government when they put everyone at a greater health risk by shutting down the province and creating even larger backlogs.  There needs to be an honest discussion about the direction of healthcare in this province and the country as a whole, until that happens we will be stuck with ever-increasing wait times, which lead to more despair and worse health outcomes for everyone.  All of the mainstream parties make the same pie in the sky promises and none of them fulfill these promises, and we wonder why things are getting worse.

To be clear Canada already runs private medical along with the public option, but few parties/politicians have the courage to discuss this openly. Allowing private healthcare providers to ease the pressure on our current system is the best way out of this current mess.

Thank you,

Tyler Ducharme

Atlantica Party Candidate for Digby-Annapolis