Progressive Conservative Party Candidate for District of Gander, Appleton, Glenwood, Benton, Gambo – Jamie Harnum

Our Question:

If elected, what action will your government take to ensure that all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are guaranteed safe and timely access to essential cancer care?

Candidate Response:

My thoughts are with all of the individuals and their families that are going through difficult times. You are no stranger to risk. There are risks all around us and together you are finding ways to reduce those risks to move forward in life. The current pandemic response has been swift to mitigate the potential spread of the virus, however the response has also introduced a wide array of new risks to our communities.

My goal in life is to help others and although we all have different needs, there are options to ensure actions reduce harm overall. Cancer does not wait, and it does do harm. We need to ensure people have access to assistance, tests, and activities that enhance their health and well-being.  I have been a professional adventure guide for over 13 years, supporting people through the unknown and often through high-risk situations. I manage risk through a process of identifying the risks around us and in each situation, assessing the severity of those risks on a daily basis, and mitigating the possibility of those risks causing harm by taking multiple actions to reduce the potential and specific steps to react if harm is caused. I also go through a process of accepting risk. Risk acceptance is not reckless, it is a calculated and confident decision that is often necessary to move forward. You again are no stranger to accepting risk. You deal with risk daily and find ways to reduce harm to yourself and your families.

Although I am not a traditional politician, I am a trained leader that can guide people through risky situations. I hope to have the opportunity to assist the provincial government to manage risk for our communities. The provincial government should provide support and guidance to help us navigate through risks. Their actions should not cause direct harm. People need to be empowered to assess risks and make confident decisions that enhance their health and lives.

I would like to thank those that are working hard to help. The health care providers, the families and most importantly the individuals who are experiencing cancer firsthand as they not only overcome challenges every day, but often inspire others to actively live while managing risk. All Newfoundlanders and Labradorians deserve safe and timely access to essential cancer care.