Liberal Party Candidate for Corner Brook – Gerry Byrne

Our Question:

If elected, what action will your government take to ensure that all Newfoundlanders and Labradorians are guaranteed safe and timely access to essential cancer care?

Candidate Response:

First, allow me to offer my full support and energy to all cancer survivors in Newfoundland and Labrador. The message of hope and positivity that you bring to us all is essential. No one in Newfoundland and Labrador hasn’t been touched by the ravages of cancer. Cancer survivors, and your message of hope and action, bring all of us to a better place.

I’m very proud to have served as the Member for Corner Brook and to offer my energy to the Furey government and Cabinet.

Here at home in Corner Brook, I’m very proud of the fact that cancer radiation therapy will be added to the growing list of clinical and medical services at our new Western Memorial Hospital! This is truly a game changer and will not only drastically reduce wait times but will significantly cut back on travel requirements and costs for cancer patients from Corner Brook and western Newfoundland.

Also, I am very pleased to note that we are expanding our medical diagnostic imaging capacity here which is so critical to cancer therapy.

Currently, we operate two CT scanners and one MRI camera at Western Memorial. Our new hospital will be equipped with three CT scanners including one CT Simulator which, as you know, is a specialized piece of equipment  which is designed for enhanced targeting of cancer radiation treatments. We will also expand to two MRI machines and we will boost the province’s second ever PET scanner!

The objective of all of this is to reduce wait times, offer timely cancer detection and treatment in western Newfoundland and prevent or significantly reduce patient travel expenses and the frustration of delayed procedures.

People from across the province may also want to note that there are specific benefits of Corner Brook getting these services that are shared with all other parts of the province. Corner Brook is a significant catchment area for western, northern and central Newfoundland as well as southern Labrador. Services offered in Corner Brook mean less utilization of services in St John’s thereby the further opening up imaging and treatment appointments for detection and treatment of other cancer patients throughout the province. This has value to all cancer patients.

Further, for those cancer patients still requiring travel, our Liberal platform announces an expanded medical transportation assistance program with even further benefits to medical travellers.

Our Liberal government was the only government to make good on the expectation of a new hospital in Corner Brook; one equipped with cancer radiation therapy and a PET scanner. Our $870 million investment in our healthcare campus has been very well received and recognized. While others have spoken of their intentions, our government has been the only one to act!

People appreciate this just as we all appreciate the struggles and hardships of cancer patients. detection and treatment will be made easier to ease that burden.

Stay safe everyone! Stay positive. Stay kind!

Yours faithfully,

Gerry Byrne

Liberal Party candidate for Corner Brook