Green candidate – Sheldon Perris – Sherwood Park—Fort Saskatchewan

Response to Question 1:

Our health care systems across the country are extremely stressed and facing staffing shortages at the moment, and it is true, resources have been concentrated towards safeguarding and treating Canadians affected by Covid-19 at the expense of other health needs. However, making a concerted effort towards fighting a pandemic would not have been so disruptive to the current health care systems if previous federal governments had designed the federal health transfers to be based on health needs rather than

GDP growth. Fighting the pandemic would not have been so disruptive if previous federal governments decreased poverty levels through a Guaranteed Livable Income and a more effective National Housing Strategy. Fighting the pandemic would not have been so disruptive if previous federal governments introduced Pharmacare and limited patent protection periods so that medicine could be more accessible and affordable. When social issues in society are addressed, patient rates in hospitals decrease and health care systems can more effectively administer allocated resources and make preparations for future crises and pandemics.

If elected, I commit to campaigning in Parliament for each of the following:

  • Transfer payments to the provinces to be used to deal with the backlog of tests, procedures, and surgeries.
  • The continuation of essential cancer care in planning for future crises and pandemics.
  • Cancer patients’ need for dependable access to medical care to be taken into account in by Public Health Agency of Canada and its plans and recommendations for future pandemics.

Response to Question 2:

The GPC has a very progressive vision when it comes to income supports, and instead of expanding existing supports, the GPC proposes to replace them with a Guaranteed Livable Income that together with a federal minimum wage of $15, a ceiling on credit card interest, and safe and affordable housing, will provide the income security Canadians need. As well, the GPC wants to eliminate financial constraints by making post-secondary education free, and the GPC intends to support retirees by increasing the CPP rate to 50 per cent of income received during working years.

If elected, I commit to campaigning in Parliament for:

  • A new process that acknowledges that some patients, including cancer patients, experience extended periods of treatment and recovery, and to hold open consultations with Canadians about how this process will be developed and implemented.

Response to Question 3:

I am unable to respond at this time.

Sheldon J Perris