Green candidate – Mimi Lee – Markham—Thornhill

Thank you for connecting and advocating for cancer survivors.

In the beginning of my financial advisor career 18 years ago, the stats on cancer was one in 3 and now it becomes one in 2 Canadians will develop cancer in their lifetime. It is a sad trend.

You are correct that COVID had taken all the focus from everything else which was as important. The 3 levels of government had not given in time nor best respond to the COVID breakout which leads to unmendable damage. We cannot afford to let that worsen. The Green Party of Canada stands by social justice and respect for diversity. We push for equity for everyone, which of course includes cancer survivors.

As the MP candidate for Markham-Thornhill, I vow to improve our healthcare system and give Canadians more support. Please also check out my platform at to find out more of what I stand for including pharmacare expansion.

Mimi Lee
Markham-Thornhill MP candidate for the Green Party