Green candidate – Les Schram – Ottawa South

Thanks for taking the time to contact the Green campaign in Ottawa South. My eldest sister is a survivor of breast cancer, so I value your advocacy very highly.

Our candidate, Les Schram, is in the distribution for this message but is typically completely overwhelmed these days with scheduling personal appointments with various community organizations. Please accept our apologies if Les is unable to reply in person to your questionnaire during the campaign.

In terms of somewhat related issue campaigns designed to move public policy forward, Greens support paid sick leave for all workers. Greens have been campaigning for months now to improve protections for workers in the long term care (LTC) sector and a universal LTC program for all Canadians.

Greens definitely agree with you about the key lesson of the ongoing pandemic: none of us are healthy and safe until we all truly enjoy the same basic standards of care and equal access.

Thank you for all that you do, and kind regards,
CEO (2021-22)
Ottawa South Federal Green Party Association