Green candidate – Felix Kongyuy – Surrey Centre

Question 1: Cancer Can’t Wait: COVID-19 disruption of cancer care in Canada

If elected, will your government:

  1. Provide transfer payments to the provinces to be used to deal with the backlog of tests, procedures, and surgeries? Yes

Question 2: Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits

If elected, will your government:

  1. Use the results of these consultations to lengthen sickness benefits for Canadians undergoing treatment for cancer as well as other serious illnesses that require long periods of treatment or recovery so that Canadians who are ill are not penalized by the current limit of 15 weeks of sickness benefits.

Question 3: Breast Cancer Screening

  1. Ensure that future guideline panels include content experts and patients? Yes

I’ve lost a friend to Cancer, and this is personal to me.

I will do everything in my power to support Cancer Patients as an ally in Ottawa.

Thank you so much,