Green candidate – Catharine Rhodes – St Catharines

Thank you for your message on this incredibly important topic. I am utterly confounded at the way EI and disability benefits ignore long term illness.

We have seriously failed Canadian survivors.

If elected, I will push for legislation that will:

  • Prioritize healthcare research and innovation
  • Support medical staff
  • Install holistic initiatives and commit to patient- rather than disease-centred care
  • Create a federal emergency response plan that does not include stopping necessary surgeries and procedures
  • Remove restrictions on web-based mental health support and fund web based mental health programs
  • Create a seamless process that assists Canadians with long term illnesses in switching from EI to longer term disability benefits such as CPP disability and provincial disability benefits
  • Implement universal pharmacare
  • Invest in healthcare technologies that increase access to treatment, such as new breast cancer screening technologies that can detect even the smallest lumps without pain or exposure to radiation
  • Support least invasive, most supportive technologies, such as pill endoscopy, that increase access to treatment and decrease fear-based avoidance

Thank you again for your insightful message. As a cancer survivor myself, and someone who has lost a number of family members to the disease,  I truly understand the challenges we face.