Conservative candidate – Rick Perkins – South Shore—St Margaret’s

In reply to your 3 questions, I would briefly advise.

1. Cancer Can’t Wait: Covid-19 disruption of cancer care in Canada.

Canada’s Conservatives will meet with the Premiers within the first 100 days of forming government to propose a new health agreement with the provinces and territories that boosts the annual growth rate of the Canada Health Transfer to at least 6%. This will inject nearly $60 billion into our healthcare system over the next 10 years. Since health is a provincial jurisdiction, we can only enter into discussions with our provincial partners but the allocation of funds and resources rest with provinces. Canada’s Conservatives will also develop and implement a National Isotope Strategy to enhance our development of nuclear medicine.

2. Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits

Canada’s Conservatives will increase EI sickness benefits from 26 weeks to 52 weeks for those suffering from serious illness like cancer.

3. Breast Cancer Screening

Canada’s Conservatives would strengthen the Health Canada department to ensure it can rapidly review crucial innovations like new treatments and testing.

Thank you for your questions and your interest in the Conservative Party’s platform.

Rick Perkins Communications and Policies Team