NDP candidate – Eva Yu-Ti Huang – Louis-Saint-Laurent

Question 1: Cancer Can’t Wait: COVID-19 disruption of cancer care in Canada

I was surprised by how long people needed to wait for any treatment when I talked to my Canadian friends in 2002 (I am from Taiwan where people enjoy the world number 1 healthcare). The lack of resources in medical care has not changed much since. The cancelling or postponing of any operation during COVID shows us even more of the problems behind the system. Every patient’s need is important and must be taken into account.  When a crisis or a pandemic hits, an emergency response team needs to be organized right away to ensure all patients can have their care.  As for the payments, the federal and the provincial governments will need to discuss the details further in order to agree on the share of cost.

Question 2: Employment Insurance Sickness Benefits

The federal government will need to set further laws and regulations on this issue in order to make sure the corporations/employers, EI and the employees/private insurance can find a good balance for the benefits of the sick.

Question 3: Breast Cancer Screening

It is again about the lack of resources in medical domain. It should be one of the priorities of the new government.