Heather Morigeau (Green Party) Response

Taanishi ~ Hello

Thank you for your important questions, please note that these specific topics are addressed in the policy platform of the Green Party of Alberta.

Question 1: Strengthening a publicly-funded healthcare system

  • If elected, what steps will your government take to strengthen the publicly-funded healthcare system in Alberta?

If elected The Green Party of Alberta will focus on removing barriers to accessing public health such as access to facilities, transportation, childcare and other support services. We support the inclusion of basic dental care in the services covered by AHS.As well as supporting a preventative approach to healthcare which includes prevention of illness through the elimination of poverty and homelessness and the adoption and enforcement of environmental policies that will keep our air, water and land free from contaminants which cause disease.

Question 2: National pharmacare

  • If elected, will your government support the implementation of a national pharmacare program that guarantees access to prescription medicines and a coverage plan that goes beyond a formulary that meets the lowest common denominator?

Yes, both the Green Party of Alberta, and the Green Party of Canada support a national pharmacare program to improve access to prescription medications by negotiating a national plan with pharmaceutical distributors.

  • Will your government consult Albertan patients, survivors and caregivers on how to move forward with national pharmacare?

As this is a federal level issue we would advise patients, survivors and caregivers to review the platform of the Green Party of Canada, we encourage them to support them as federal candidates in the upcoming federal election this October. Additional Green seats in the House of Commons will bring attention to this important issue. Provincially elected members of the Green Party of Alberta will also encourage the Alberta Government to lobby the federal government to support a national pharamacare initiative. 

Question 3: Access to cancer rehabilitation services

  • If elected to government, how will you ensure that cancer survivors have timely access to rehabilitation services in Alberta that are timely and free?

I personally believe the greatest barriers to accessing rehabilitation services in Alberta is the cost of living support extended to survivors.  By ensuring all Albertan’s have access to Basic Living Income as an option for supporting their living needs during the recovery process, it will ensure they are not rushed back to work simply to meet their basic income needs.  Encouraging them to access recovery services which already exist throughout the province.I support expanding rehabilitation services for cancer survivors, however would need additional information on which services are lacking in which communities to properly address how to expand these free services where needed. I also strongly support strengthening and expanding peer-support networks for cancer survivors, family of those diagnosed with cancer, terminal patients and end-of-life planning across the province, as community support is one of the key ways to reduce isolation some patients and their families experience.

  • If elected as an MLA, would you be interested in serving on the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network’s All-party Cancer Caucus which meets twice a year and is currently studying gaps in rehabilitation services in Alberta and how to fill them?


Thank you for the opportunity to share my views on the important topic of cancer and cancer survivors.This topic is near to my heart as my Father is a cancer survivor and I am aware of the barriers he faced during his treatment and recovery.

Heather Morigeau