Larry Neufeld, Regina Lakeview

1) If elected to government our party would institute a provincewide pharmacare program to provide coverage for everyone in Saskatchewan and lower the deductible for medications from $20.00 to $15.00.
2)Under our pharmacare program all people in Saskatchewan would have timely access to medications, including cancer patients.  That is the commitment of the Saskatchewan Green Party to everyone in the province if elected.
3)a)No discussion has been done on being part of a national pharmacare plan within our party but I can’t see our party being adverse to this since we would already be creating our own provincial pharmacare plan.
b)If part of a national pharmacare program we would make sure that any overlap or lack of coverage of a medication would be discussed with the federal government and the best means of providing coverage would be reviewed.
c)If involved in a national pharmacare program our government would discuss and implement the best possible means of providing coverage for medication.  if federal equalization proved to be the most advantageous our government would pursue such a solution for the people of Saskatchewan.
I hope these answers help to make the position of the Saskatchewan Green Party clear when it comes to the coverage of medications for the people of Saskatchewan.