Green Party of PEI’s Responses

1. If elected to government, what will your party do to make prescription medications more affordable?

It is shameful that in a country as wealthy as Canada that some people are forced to forego prescribed medications due to cost. More effective delivery of pharmaceuticals
within the Province will be the first step for the Green Party in addressing this issue. We will seek alliances, first with the Maritimes and then with other concerned Provinces and Territories, to press for action from the federal government. The Green Party believes that the best way to accomplish both lifesaving and costcutting goals is through a universal pharmacare program, a bulk drug purchasing agency, and making new drug patent protection times shorter.

2. If elected to government, will you:

a. Commit to ensuring that all cancer patients in Prince Edward Island receive timely access to medications at the time they need it?

b. Undertake negotiations leading to regional collaboration to ensure timely patient access to cancer drugs?

The Green Party believes all Islanders should have timely access to all the health services at the time they need it, including cancer medications. Collaboration is one of the Green Party’s core principles, so we are in favour of working with other governments in the region on this issue.

3. Many Islanders are concerned about the link between cancer and pesticide use in the agricultural industry. If elected to government, what will your party do to address this issue?

The Green Party would institute a provincewide ban on the use of cosmetic pesticides and also aid farmers in a transition to organic practices.

Rosalyn Abbott, Cornwall – Meadowbank