Graydon Pelley, Humber – Gros Morne

If elected to government, what will your party do to make prescription medications more affordable?

The Slogan for my campaign is “FOR THE PEOPLE” . As an individual candidate I am a firm believer that there should be equal opportunity for every Newfoundlander and Labradorian to receive the best possible health care. As the elected MHA for Humber-Gros Morne, I will work hard on behalf of any person who requires medication(s) in order to have a healthier life. If that means subsidizing medical costs, I will work hard on their behalf. If elected our government has committed to provide affordable prescription drugs to thousands of people and expand offerings where required and possible. Our government will take a lead role nationally in advocating for national prescription drug improvements.

Will you commit to ensuring that all cancer patients in Newfoundland and Labrador receive timely access to medications at the time they need it?

As I said in the previous response, I believe that everyone should have access to proper health care. We certainly know what happens to patients if they do not get proper medications in a timely manner. I commit to doing whatever is in my power to help any resident of my district to receive proper health care, whether that is hospital care, medications, etc. that they need. I have committed to the residents of this district that any inquiry to my office will be responded to within twenty-four hours. That initial call will set a process to address the concern and or need being presented.

Will you commit to undertake negotiations leading to regional or national collaboration to ensure timely patient access to cancer drugs?

I believe that collaboration and consultation is the key to finding the solution to any problem. We must work together with all stakeholders to ensure all involved are informed and together can make collective recommendations to improve access to cancer drugs.

Every citizen of Newfoundland and Labrador should receive the same high-quality, publicly delivered health care available to all Canadians. If elected, how will your party ensure that this happens?

I am elected to represent every resident within my district. I am confident that if my government is elected and given the mandate to govern for the next four years, they to will represent every resident in this province. The plan laid out by this government committs to ensuring that every resident is taken care of.

Graydon Pelley