Reg Lukasik, Spruce Grove-St Albert

Question 1: Cancer Care and Healthcare Services

In a recent poll conducted by CBC Vote Compass, healthcare is the number two issue on the minds of Alberta voters.

If elected:

A) How will your government improve the delivery of cancer care and other healthcare services in Alberta?

B) Will your government continue to provide a publicly funded healthcare system or would it institute a private healthcare system?

C) How will your government restructure healthcare delivery in Alberta?

D) How will your government ensure that cancer patients receive the services they need, including home care, financial assistance during recovery and for long-term side effects of cancer and/or treatment?

Question 2: Drug Approval

A key element of providing timely treatment for cancer patients is ensuring that they have access to the medications they need at the time they need them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in Alberta.

On average between 2004-2010, Alberta approved for public reimbursement 17.7% of the 306 new drugs approved by Health Canada, compared to the cross-country provincial average for the same period of 23.44% (Access Delayed, Access Denied: Waiting for New Medicines in Canada, Mark Rovere and Brett J. Skinner, Studies in Health Policy, April 2012, The Fraser Institute).

If elected, will your government commit to increasing the number of new cancer and other drugs approved for public reimbursement so that all Albertans have timely access to the drugs they need, and if so, how will this be accomplished?


I am a 3x cancer survivor of metastatic melanoma in the 1990s have been involved with advocacy organizations such as Canadian Cancer Society, Alberta Society for Melanoma, and Cansurmount until it was killed by CCS. There is life after cancer. At 66, I am running for the Alberta Liberal Party. My choice was based on our policies on health care , education, seniors, and social policies. and our leaders David Swann and Raj Sherman (leader emeritus) both MDs. I am sure that our health care plans are progressive and up to date, and I know they do include a strong emphasis on prevention too. We need change in health care and education in Alberta and I want help bring that about. Perhaps more than most candidates I understand what cancer treatments, wait times, experimental drugs, and palliative care are about. and I am one of the lucky ones I got out alive to tell the story that no one wants to hear. If elected I see no reason why I would not be a strong advocate for those and their families who are dealing with cancer and its aftermath.