Jeff Rock, Red Deer-Lacombe (AB)

Greetings Friends at Canadian Cancer Survivor Network,

Firstly, know that cancer care is an issue close to my heart. I worked for a year at The Princess Margaret Hospital in Toronto as a Spiritual Care Provider offering counselling to patients, their families and staff. Furthermore in my current work as a United Church Minister, cancer care continues to be a huge part of my professional life and I’ve seen first hand, the hardships that a diagnosis can have on a family, financially, emotionally and spiritually.

It is however against Elections Canada regulations for me to answer surveys like this about how I, or The Liberal Party would vote should we have the privilege of being elected. I would also add this is beyond the scope of candidates to answer questions of this nature.

What I can do as a candidate however is tell you that Canada’s Healthcare system is something I am a passionate defender of. I love the idea of national pharmacare because studies show it will save more money in the long run. Of course those dealing with a cancer diagnosis deserve dignity and support from their government and I would agree that is not happening now and hope a plan to tackle the issues with CPP disability and EI could quickly be fixed.

Cheers and Blessings
~Rev. Jeff Rock