Bill Casey, Cumberland-Colchester (NS)

As a double cancer survivor, I am acutely aware that the federal government, when it distributes federal research dollars, does so unevenly across the country. Nova Scotia receives on average about 1/3rd the per capita cancer research allocation that Ontario does. Whatever I can do, I will do to ensure a better balance across the country. Cancer is part of my life, and it will be on my agenda in Ottawa.

I worked with many constituents on CPP disability benefit problems. I know that accessing these benefits can be a nightmare. The paperwork is endless and if you think it’s bad when the illness is physical, it is manifold worse when the illness is mental and doesn’t show up on an X-ray or MRI. Part of the problem is that under the Conservative government, the Canadian Government is no longer in the business of serving Canadians. The Liberal Party is committed to making it easier for Canadians to access the services that their government is supposed to provide.

I appreciate your specific questions. My door is always open when it comes to discussing cancer research, cancer care and, hopefully one day, a cancer cure.