David Morse, Kings-Hants (NS)

Sept. 5 / 15

Cancer Survivor Network

There are many organizations like yours that are playing a major role in providing support to Canadians that are going through this terrible illness.

The Conservative Government under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper have made support for Health Care a priority. They continue to help families and support workers providing for family with these illnesses.

If elected I will be working hard with our Conservative Government to provide the best support we are able to provide to individuals on the National items and the Provinces as they deliver Health Care.

Prime Minister Harper has and continues to find ways to lessen the red tape in getting the help that Canadians need through the service providers. It is a challenge with so many lives and families impacted by this and other diseases as they look for the support they need to provide the best care available.

We will continue to work to lessen the burden on patients and their care givers.

David Morse

Ged Stonehouse

Communications Coordinator