Parti québécois

Question: Does your party he favors a funding model for health services focused on the patient rather than a funding model based on the establishment, and if so, why?

As provided for in the 2014-2015 budget, we will implement a model of patient-based funding. We believe that, contrary to the financing
institutions based on a global and historical budget, funding focused on patients establishes a direct link between patient care, the quality of care and funding. In addition, patient-focused funding includes a number of incentives to ensure that the care provided are of high quality, efficient and assured that the funding is based on results actually achieved.

Question: Approval of medicines: said that in 2011, Quebec was the eighth of the ten Canadian provinces for what was to cover new treatments against the cancer. If elected, will your government Does it increase the number of new drugs approved reimbursement for the care of cancer or other diseases, so that all Quebecers have timely access to the medicines they need, and if so, how it Will it accomplish?

The evaluation of drugs for the purpose of registration is carried out by a body independent. National Institute for Excellence in Health and Social Services (INESSS) The Institute conducts the analysis of drug registration applications under various criteria laid down in the Act INESSS. In this context, it is always our intention that INESSS continue its good evaluation work. Moreover, INESSS continues work to adapt its assessment methods in order to take account of new realities in the field of drugs. Finally, in Quebec, there are 2 exceptions process to make available unregistered drugs. This is the Patient exceptional program, which is administered by the RAMQ, and another program run in schools so that non-registered medicines are available to meet medical necessity particular (Art. 116 – LSSSS).

Léo Bureau-Blouin, candidat dans Laval-des-Rapides
Pierre Duchesne, Candidat dans Borduas
Sylvie Legault, candidate dans Mercier