Coalition avenir Québec

Thank you for your questions. Here are our answers.

Your party he favors a funding model for health services focused on the patient rather than a funding model based on the establishment, and if so, why?

Coalition Avenir Québec intends to overhaul the financing of health facilities, which will now be determined based on the volume of care provided to patients. This will ensure the allocation of budgetary resources to the real needs of the population, in addition to promoting the efficiency of institutions have an incentive to increase the volume of services rendered to the population. Rather than being a source of expenditure, the increase in the number of patients will become a source of additional income.

If elected, will your government he committed to increasing the number of new drugs approved reimbursement for the care of cancer or other diseases, so that all Quebecers have timely access to medicines it needs, and if so, how will he accomplish?

In terms of new treatments for cancer, we believe that the approval of drugs for the treatment of cancer by INESSS current system is inadequate and must be improved. We are committed to meet all organizations who want to fight cancer after the election to hear their proposals.

In addition, recent government decisions concern us. Indeed, Montreal hospitals have been directed to the health agency no longer treat 450 patients with cancer. Specialized in oncology, failing financial penalty university hospitals will no longer treat patients Montérégie and Laval.

It is a fine example of a heavy bureaucratic structure and inhumane health agencies. We asked the Minister of Health to see if the 450 people must present their driver’s license instead of their Medicare card to get treatment? We urge the government to put an immediate end to this Directive.

Best regards,
The team of the Coalition Avenir Québec