CCSN’s Questions to Parties and Candidates

Question 1

The Ontario Breast Screening Program (OBSP), which provides free mammography breast screening for women 50 to 74, has been the cornerstone of early diagnosis of breast cancer in Ontario. If elected to government, will you commit to continue funding free breast screening through OBSP?

Question 2

A key element of ensuring timely treatment for a cancer patient is ensuring they have access to the medications they need at the time they need them. Unfortunately, this is not always the case in Ontario. If elected to government, will you commit to ensuring that all cancer patients in Ontario receive timely access to new medications at the time they need it?

Question 3

The HPV vaccine can help prevent future cases of cervical, anal and oral cancers. It is most effective when given at a young age when immune systems are most receptive to the vaccine. However, the HPV vaccine is only available free through school-based clinics to girls. If elected to government, will you implement free school-based HPV vaccine clinics for boys?

Question 4

Is your party in favour of implementing free PSA testing for prostate cancer in Ontario as a population-wide screening tool? If not, please explain how your party would ensure that Ontario men will have access to early diagnosis of prostate cancer.