Liberal Party of New Brunswick’s responses

We strongly believe that we need to improve our primary health care delivery in New Brunswick. We agree that every New Brunswicker needs a family doctor, and our platform contains a commitment to increase the number of family doctors in New Brunswick by 50 over the course of a mandate, if elected. We also believe we can improve the primary healthcare delivery by investing in community health centres around the province; this will give more New Brunswickers access to medical services without having to resort to going to a hospital. This will be improve front line healthcare, but it will save us money, allowing us to maintain our commitment to increasing the number of family doctors and ensuring a strong, public healthcare system in New Brunswick.

We are concerned by delays in decisions being made to the formulary.

We will work with officials in the Department of Health to determine what steps can be taken to speed up this process. In terms of which drugs are covered, we will need to work with experts in the Department of Health to make those decisions.


The New Brunswick Liberal Association