Take Part in Research to Advance the Science of Cancer Survivorship!

A national research team is being formed in response to a call for proposals in Cancer Survivorship from the Canadian Cancer Society and the Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR). This is an opportunity to advance the science regarding cancer survivorship, and to improve care for the growing number of cancer survivors across Canada.

Jennifer Jones of UHN is working to assemble this team, and she has done important work with CCSN to advocate for access to cancer rehabilitation services over the past three years, including giving a webinar on this topic in 2018.

The research team is being put together with a focus on cancer rehabilitation. The inclusion of cancer survivors on this team is essential, as they can provide a unique perspective which can ensure that the work being done is relevant and ultimately effective. The team will be bringing together a group of researchers, clinicians, and cancer survivors to conduct research projects with a focus on improving equal access to timely, effective, and appropriate cancer rehabilitation.

Consequently, there are hopes to establish a Cancer Rehab Research Advisory committee in collaboration with CCSN, and CCSN members are asked to consider applying to become members of this working committee.

Who can participate?

  • Cancer survivors diagnosed in the past 5 years with breast cancer, colorectal cancer, head and neck cancer, or lymphoma.
  • Persons currently undergoing treatment, as well as those with advanced disease.
  • Interest in research involvement, particularly in use of health technology, is an asset).

What’s involved?

  • If funded, the committee will meet quarterly via teleconference (1.5 hrs), and there would be opportunities for special projects if interested.
    • Project One: develop and evaluate online system to screen patients for cancer-related impairments, and provide timely access to cancer rehabilitation services.
    • Project Two: test an 8-week online cancer rehabilitation program, and examine implementation factors.
    • Project Three: develop and assess feasibility of rehabilitation program for patients with stable metastatic cancer.

If you are interested in applying to be part of this working committee, please send a short email to the Team Coordinator at Charmaine.silva@uhn.ca. Include a brief introduction to who you are and why you are interested in getting involved.