Participate in a Study to Improve Follow-Up Care for Cancer Survivors

This study is seeking to get input from cancer survivors and family/friends/caregivers in order to improve follow-up cancer care for survivors.

Participants needed include 10-12 cancer survivors from across Canada, and 10-12 family/friend/caregivers from across Canada of patients who are cancer survivors.

Your involvement would be one telephone interview with a member of the research team, where discussion would center around 1) your thoughts on and experiences with follow-up care for cancer, 2) what you think are the most important issues being faced by cancer survivors and 3) how do you think these issues might be addressed.

The study is being carried out by Dr. Robin Urquhart, from Dalhousie University.


If you are interested in participating, please contact Margaret Jorgensen before December 31st, 2019. She can be reached at 902-473-7290 or by email at