CCSN Prostate Cancer Patient, Survivor & Caregiver Survey

All patients, survivors and caregivers who have faced or are facing prostate cancer are eligible to take this survey.

The purpose of this survey is to help the prostate cancer community and the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network better understand the journey that prostate cancer patients, survivors and caregivers experience during their transition from diagnosis, through to treatment, follow-up, and survivorship. By participating in this survey, you will be helping us to shape messages for its upcoming advocacy efforts, aimed at improving the quality of life of prostate cancer patients, and advocate for a better continuum of care and journey for Canadians facing a prostate cancer diagnosis. All of your answers are strictly confidential, and your identity/name will not be tied to your answers.

Should you wish to be contacted further to share a more personal testimonial on your experiences, there is an optional section at the end of the survey that you can use. We look forward to hearing from you!

Take the survey here.