Canadian Clinical Trials Group Lay Representatives Committee

Do you want to get involved in impacting cancer research in Canada by helping to design clinical trials? Canadian Clinical Trials Group is looking to recruit patients, caregivers and others affected by cancer to join the Canadian Cancer Trials Group Lay Representatives Committee and Site Committees.

The role of Lay Representatives in the (CCTG) is to represent the perspective of patients and their families, and the public at large, in the development and delivery of clinical trials. The goal is to team with health care professionals/researchers to advance outstanding research in the treatment, care, and prevention of cancer to improve patient outcomes.

The CCTG is the only Canadian cooperative cancer trials group conducting the entire range of trials from early phase (e.g. phase I-II) studies to large international randomized controlled (e.g. phase III) trials across all cancer types. Its primary mission is to assess the effectiveness of interventions to prevent the development of cancer or improve the care of those patients who do develop cancer.

The CCTG facilitates access to cutting-edge cancer therapy for Canadian patients by:

  • Conducting trials in all major cancer types, including brain, breast, gastrointestinal, genitourinary, gynecology, head and neck, hematology, lung, melanoma, and sarcoma.
  • Testing strategies that include systemic therapy (e.g. chemotherapy, biologic therapy), radiation therapy, surgery, dietary supplementation, and strategies associated with lifestyle change.
  • Working with a network of Canadian member centres and staff to enroll patients onto CCTG studies that includes: Over 80 institutions, including all cancer centres across Canada and many community hospitals, and
  • more than 3500 Canadian physicians, research nurses, data managers, and pharmacists involved in cancer care in Canada to enroll patients onto CCTG studies.

As members of the Site Executive Committees, Lay Representatives participate in all aspects of Site Committee activities and are also members of the Lay Representatives Committee. Each Site Committee and the Lay Representatives Committee meet once a year at the CCTG’s Annual Spring Meeting of Participants and schedules at least quarterly teleconferences. Lay Representatives also have opportunities to participate in educational events to expand their knowledge of clinical trial research issues.

Currently seeking Lay Representatives for the following Committees:

  • Gynecology Disease Site Committee (e.g. ovarian, cervical cancer);
  • Gastrointestinal Disease Site Committee (e.g. colorectal, pancreas); and
  • Investigational New Drug (IND) Program.

Committee applicants should have:

  • An interest in cancer research;
  • Experience with cancer or caring for someone with cancer;
  • An ability to understand the scientific discussions that take place during meetings and / or be willing to become familiar with relevant research and medical language;
  • Good communication skills and an ability to listen to others and be comfortable and confident constructively expressing their own views from a consumer perspective;
  • The ability to commit the time to participate fully in Lay Representatives Committee and Site Committee activities, including preparing for and attending the CCTG’s Annual Spring Meeting of Participants, quarterly teleconferences, telephone and email discussions as needed; and
  • Electronic communication skills, including basic computer skills and access to the internet.

If you have questions or would like to apply, please contact Heather Stanton at