St. Marys

St. Mary’s Memorial Hospital

Supporting the Board of Directors, there are four Local Advisory Committees (LAC), one for each of the founding hospitals of the Alliance. LACs meet quarterly and are responsible for providing input and education to the Board of Directors on issues of importance to the Alliance communities. These committees also provide advice and consultation in regards to the following:

  • Development of the strategic plan;
  • Decisions to change programs and services;
  • Disposition by the Board of Directors of any real property owned by the Hospital;
  • Local health and wellness issues; and
  • Strategies for recruiting and retaining professional staff resources.

For more information please review the LAC Terms of Reference. Further inquiries can be directed to Maggie Jinks (St. Mary’s) at

If you are interested in becoming a member of your community’s LAC please submit a current CV and cover letter.

For more information about the Local Advisory Committees click here.

Updated August 10th, 2018