Southlake Regional Health Centre, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre: Patient and Family Advisory Program

The Patient and Family Advisory Program works in partnership with staff and physicians as decisions are made about the delivery of healthcare services at Southlake. A Patient and Family Advisor can be anyone within the past two years who has been a patient or a family member, caregiver or chosen support person to a patient at Southlake.

Their role includes but is not limited to sitting on a council, committee, or working group with Southlake staff and physicians to:

  • Assist in the planning and design of programs, services, and facilities;
  • Assist in the development of various quality improvement initiatives and projects;
  • Provide input into policies, processes, and educational materials; and
  • Evaluate services provided.

Participation could be in a combination of the Corporate Patient and Family Advisory Council (PFAC), Program-level Patient and Family Advisory Councils or committees and working groups.

Hours will vary depending upon the nature of the Council, Committee, or Working Group’s mandate. In general, it is expected to be up to 4 hours a week to prepare for and attend meetings depending on the position.

Please review the website and the Patient and Family Advisor Position Guide before completing the volunteer application.

For the Health Centre’s website, please click here.