Brockville General Hospital, Patient and Family Advisory Council

Council members provide input through the use of personal hospital experiences to improve the healthcare experience, making it patient-oriented.

Patient Family Advisors can expect:

  • Assisting with hospital events and participate on hospital committees;
  • Opportunities for education around patient and family centered care; and
  • Making a positive difference in how healthcare is delivered at BGH.

There will be an initial orientation for all members to explain how the meetings will take place and to meet the staff involved.

The council will meet once a month (generally between 7am and 6pm) to discuss hospital initiatives and concerns/topics that are brought up by staff and by patient and family advisors.

Over the years healthcare has developed its own language. You can expect to have abbreviations, acronyms, and terms clearly defined/explained. Don’t be afraid to ask for clarification when something is unclear.

The cost of parking in the lot is covered for BGH advisors who are here on advisory business.

For more information, visit their website here or contact them at 613-345-5649 ext.1366 or send them an email by clicking on this form.