Winnipeg Regional Health Authority: Patient and Family Advisory Council

The Council advises the Winnipeg Health Region on the design, improvement and delivery of services to enhance patient and family experience of health services in Winnipeg.

Potential members for the Council and Network are interviewed and matched to the volunteer position that is most suitable. Members represent various social, cultural, and demographic backgrounds and occupations. All advisors receive orientation and ongoing education opportunities.

The Patient and Family Advisory Council meets monthly from September to June, while the Network members participate in on-line consultations, speaking engagements and other activities as offered.

This virtual Network, allows for more flexibility and diversity in membership (i.e., those with health challenges who are unable to attend a monthly meeting, families with young children, etc.). Joint meetings with other patient and family advisors take place at least once annually.

Activities that Patient and Family Advisors can participate in range from: sharing experiences at various meetings, staff education on managing complaints or development of patient case studies.

Interested in getting involved? Contact Wendy Singleton at 204-926-7159 or at

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Updated August 8th, 2018