A New Patient Assistance Program For Medical Cannabis Use in Canada

One of our partners, CannTrust, a licensed producer and distributor of medical cannabis in Canada, has introduced a comprehensive patient assistance program for medical cannabis compassionate use in Canada.

Known as the CannTrust Accessprogram, it’s available immediately to eligible Canadians whose health plans do not reimburse medical cannabis.

Qualified patients will be eligible for up to 30 grams of medical marijuana per month.  Three levels of financial assistance are available through the program depending on the patient’s income status, which will be reassessed every six months.  CannTrust anticipates that a number of patients’ financial status will qualify them to receive their monthly order at no cost. 

CannTrust Chairman Norman Paul said in a news release: “As a company founded on the principles of patient access, CannTrust took the bold step of creating the innovative CannTrust Accessprogram with a goal of offering broad access to medical cannabis for patients in need.”

As we know patient assistance programs are common among the pharmaceutical industry as a financial support tool for cancer patients in need to treat and manage their disease.  It’s good news to learn that CannTrust believes having a limited income shouldn’t marginalize a person’s access to medicines they need. In fact, CannTrust is committed to helping make its medical cannabis available where and when it is needed most.  

Details to register are available at CannTrust.ca

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