Ontario Government Seniors’ Strategy Attacks Universality for Seniors’ Health Care; Thin on Improvements to Access

Toronto, ON, January 9, 2013 – The Ontario Health Coalition, representing more than 400 organizations dedicated to protecting public health care, including the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network, warns that the Ontario government’s proposed Seniors’ Strategy threatens the core principle of universal health care for all. “Universality is a core principle for health care. As more and more services are moved out of hospital it is

CCSN calls for timely access to targeted bone therapies for patients with advanced prostate cancer in British Columbia

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network has learned that BC Pharmacare has listed the newest bone-targeting agent on its formulary for men with advanced prostate cancer that has spread to their bones, who are considered palliative. While this is good news for these patients and a positive step forward, other men with prostate cancer that has spread to their bones, who are not palliative, are still being