My reaction to Picard’s Globe and Mail column Are breast implants a form of mutilation?

While Andre Picard’s January 17, 2012 article about cosmetic surgery to increase breast size is well thought out and sensible, the title of the article – Are breast implants a form of mutilation? – is sensationalist and ignores the tens of thousands of women around the world who have reconstructive surgery after having had a mastectomy as part of breast cancer treatment. Many (but not

Breast Cancer Screening

I wrote this OPED piece in response to an article in the Globe and Mail earlier this year; it wasn’t printed, but I want to share it with the community because screening is under attack for both breast and prostate cancer. We have been told repeatedly and clinicians and researchers agree that early detection of breast cancer is key to positive outcomes. The new guidelines

Welcome to my Cancer Blog

I am a healthcare consultant, a cancer care advocate, someone who has worked for over a decade in the cancer community. I started in the breast cancer community, working with patients and survivors, and met many women and men and their families who had their lives changed by breast cancer. I worked with young women, who told me that “nothing fit me.” I worked with