We’re Hiring! Program Manager – Education

The Canadian Cancer Survivor Network is looking for a Program Manager – Education to be responsible for organizing educational programs. The position is in Ottawa, Ontario. She or he will be tasked with implementing existing programs, developing new programs to support the organization’s strategic direction, as well as creating and managing long term goals, and evaluating for effectiveness. The Program Manager – Education will also

CCSN Prostate Cancer Patient/Caregiver Questionnaire – Enzalutamide (Xtandi)

The purpose of the survey is to provide the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network (CCSN) with insights and perspectives about living with and managing castrate resistant prostate cancer (CRPC) from patients and caregivers in order to complete a patient evidence submission for a new medication for non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer called Enzalutamide (Xtandi). We are looking for input from patients with both metastatic or non-metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC) and their

Watch our most recent webinar! Why Patient Engagement is Imperative: Implications for research, healthcare, and ourselves

Originally broadcast September 6th, 2018 Maxime Lê is a graduate of health sciences from the University of Ottawa that has worn many hats for many roles. Chief among them is being a patient advisor for The Ottawa Hospital. Having frequently been a patient and having a passion for health and healthcare, he decided to get involved at The Ottawa Hospital to help improve care, research