2018 New Brunswick Election Campaign

The government of New Brunswick has an important role to play in making sure that everyone diagnosed with cancer has timely access to cancer care and essential medical services as well as access to emergency rooms and the treatment and medications they need. Today, the Canadian Cancer Survivor Network invited all candidates and their parties to respond to the following questions: In 2017, 4,700 New

Petition to Fund Ibrance for Metastatic Breast Cancer – Chasing Hope MBC

Chasing Hope MBC is working to overcome obstacles for funding Ibrance for Metastatic Breast Cancer. You can help today by signing their petition! Ibrance (Palbociclib) is a treatment for Metastatic Breast Cancer made by the Pfizer drug company. It’s the first drug of its kind and the first drug in 10 years that has been introduced to fight MBC. This targeted treatment is designed for ER+

STUDY: St. Michael’s Hospital Seeking Young Men Diagnosed With Cancer

This project focuses on fertility decision-making among young male cancer patients. St. Michael’s is looking to recruit young men who have been diagnosed with cancer to participate in a 30-40 minute telephone interview.  The study aims to improve our understanding of decision-making by men at risk of infertility related to cancer treatment. The results will be used to help inform the content in a fertility decision

CCSN Releases Brief to National Pharmacare Council

Access to prescription medicines and therapies affects all Canadians due to the barriers of cost and availability in the healthcare system. Too often, we find patients choosing whether to pay for their prescription medicines or basic necessities such as food. In some cases, patients die or their quality of life significantly deteriorates waiting for their drugs to be approved by multiple drug approval agencies. “Canada

National Pharmacare Online Consultation: New Questionnaire Available!

The Advisory Council on the Implementation of National Pharmacare is inviting Canadians to share their ideas and views about national pharmacare. As part of the National Pharmacare Online Consultation, there is a new questionnaire available that is open to all Canadians to share their thoughts on national pharmacare. The input gathered will help inform the Council’s advice to the Government on how to best implement

CORD Presents Webinar Debate Series on National Pharmacare

NATIONAL PHARMACARE WEBINAR DEBATES Presented by the Canadian Association for Rare Disorders (CORD) The biggest changes in over 30 years to drug regulations and drug plans in Canada will be implemented over the next year. Will your access to prescription drugs get better … or worse? Will the Ontario Conservative government’s rollback on OHIP+ (excluding kids with private drug coverage) affect a proposed National Pharmacare program? It’s