CCSN Board Secretary Mona Forrest at 2016 Rendez-vous Volunteer Expo

On September 22, Mona Forrest, one of CCSN's founders and the Secretary of the Board of Directors, attended the 2016 Rendez-vous Volunteer Expo, organized by Volunteer Ottawa. Mona reports being swamped by prospective volunteers looking for a meaningful volunteer experience, including filling open seats on the Board of Directors, helping with IT and writing and

Four things you should know about the pending Charter challenge against Medicare

By Colleen Flood and Kathleen O’Grady, A version of this commentary appeared in the Globe and Mail, the Medical Post and the Windsor Star A long-running dispute between Dr. Brian Day, the co-owner of Cambie Surgeries Corporation and the British Columbia government may finally be resolved in the BC Supreme Court next year — and the ruling could transform the

Our latest Webinar is live for on-demand streaming

Our next webinar is entitled “A pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance (pCPA) Update – Optimizing the Process for Patients”. The webinar will be co-hosted by Bill Dempster and Johanne Chambers of 3Sixty Public Affairs.  The webinar will provide listeners with an update on the fast evolving pCPA, with a focus on its national product negotiation activities. After