Clinical Trials Ontario: Call for Members for a Patient and Public Advisory Group February 2017

Clinical Trials Ontario (CTO) is an independent not-for-profit organization established with support from the Government of Ontario. Our mandate is to work together with the clinical trials community, the public, and other partners to improve Ontario’s clinical trials environment. Engaging patients and the public with clinical trials is an important priority for CTO. We believe this will result in better clinical trials, better experiences for trial participants, better physician-researcher experiences, and in the long run, a better health care system. Since 2012 we have been carrying out our mandate with one of our three strategic pillars being patient and public engagement. We believe patient and public engagement is critical to improving the environment for clinical trials in Ontario. More information about Clinical Trials Ontario can be found at

CTO wishes to create a Patient and Public Advisory Group (which we will call the P2AG). The P2AG will help CTO ensure that our activities are informed and improved by the perspectives and advice of patients and the public. You do not need to know about clinical trials to be involved – as long as you are interested in clinical trials and live in Ontario there may be a role for you.

To be part of the P2AG, we would ask that you:

• Be prepared for and attend monthly meetings by phone (and potentially other meetings in person);

• Openly and constructively participate in discussions, provide feedback, raise issues, and solve problems collaboratively;

• Participate in training about the research process and clinical trials;

• Foster and contribute to an open, collaborative climate, independent of your own personal interests;

• Support the mandate of Clinical Trials Ontario;

• Provide constructive feedback as well as criticism;

• Draw on knowledge, personal and professional networks, and experience to provide input into discussions and decisions;

• Act as a champion for further patient and public engagement.

You will be provided with an honorarium for your participation (if you wish) and have your expenses covered to attend any in-person P2AG meetings.

If you are interested in this, please email Dawn Richards, CTO’s Associate Director of Patient and Public Engagement (, with some information about yourself including:

• Why you are interested in being part of the P2AG;

• The contribution you could make to the P2AG (skills, experience, or perspectives);

• Any involvement you have with patient organizations;

• Where you live;

• Any other community affiliation that you wish to share (e.g., a particular ethno-cultural community, LGBTQ, youth)

• If you would be interested in remaining connected to CTO even if you are not invited to participate in the P2AG (your name and email address will be placed on a mailing list). We would like to build a community of people like you who are interested in clinical trials and to provide you with information about this topic. We may provide you with information on educational opportunities and sites, interesting research, and other potential opportunities to be involved in research as a collaborator with some of our partners.

If you are interested, we ask that you please respond by March 12, 2017. Thank you in advance for your

interest in participating. If you have any questions about this opportunity, please contact

Dawn Richards (