IWK Health Centre: Patient and Family Advisors

Patient and Family Advisors and their input is invaluable to the decisions the IWK Health Centre makes every day in the areas of projects, programs, policy development and way finding.

Becoming a Patient/Family Advisor at the IWK requires:

The role can range from being on an advisory council to working committees, project teams or operations groups.  These are volunteer roles however parking expenses and child care expenses (as required) are covered.

Commitment can involve a monthly meeting with email correspondence and preparation between meetings. Some more short term projects may involve more frequent meeting times. As well, depending on the work at hand, some groups are more formal or informal than others.

IWK Health Centre is looking for Patient and Family Advisors from all backgrounds, age groups, and experiences. Current and former patients, parents/guardians, grandparents, partners/spouses, siblings, daughters/sons, etc. All voices are important and needed.

For general information, please email pfcc@iwk.nshealth.ca or call 470-6896 or see How To Get Involved –Patient and Family Advisors.

For information about current opportunities, visit Current Opportunities Patient and Family Advisors.